About us

The Armenian Institute of Directors (AIoD) was established in 2015, with the guidance of the International Finance Corporation, as a non-governmental organization. Our mission is to advance the importance of effective directors, enhance professionalism among board members and directors in Armenia, and provide support in their activities.

As the leading authority on corporate governance, we aim to be the intellectual hub that drives economic development and contributes to the well-being of Armenian society.

The AIOD General Goals

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Fostering Respect for Directors

Promoting a culture of respect and appreciation for the vital role of directors in organizations

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Advocating for Director Rights

Safeguarding the rights of Armenian directors through policy-level initiatives and advocacy

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Advancing Professionalism and Expertise

Striving to enhance the professionalism, expertise, and standing of directors in Armenia

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Enhancing Board Efficiency and Effectiveness

Working towards improving the operational efficiency and effectiveness of boards of directors in Armenia

The AIoD values

Our values are the key to success.

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Embracing Diversity

The Institute is committed to fostering diversity within its membership, recognizing and appreciating the value of different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences.

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Unwavering Professionalism

The Institute strives to deliver exceptional professional services to its members and stakeholders, maintaining the highest standards of expertise, competence, and ethical conduct.

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Mutual Respect

The Institute values respect as a fundamental principle, treating others with dignity, fairness, and empathy, fostering an inclusive and supportive environment.

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Collaboration and Innovation

The Institute encourages teamwork, collaboration, and the exploration of new ideas, fostering a culture of creativity and innovation among its members and staff.

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Transparency and Accountability

The Institute upholds transparency in its operations and decision-making processes, ensuring accountability to its members and relevant stakeholders.

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Building Trust

The Institute prioritizes trust by cultivating relationships based on honesty, integrity, and open communication with its members and stakeholders.

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Becoming a member of AIoD is a straightforward process. Our membership is inclusive, welcoming both individuals aspiring to become directors and those currently holding senior-level positions. We offer various membership packages tailored to your level of experience and the specific services you require.
AIoD membership provides a range of distinct benefits. Members enjoy exclusive networking opportunities, access to specialized training and development programs, and a host of other advantages tailored to their needs.

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